about me


I was born and raised in Peristeri, a large suburb of Athens, Greece. I have an older sister, Stella, and a lovely dog called Molly.

I studied Economics & Ecology at the Harokopio University of Athens and am thinking to pursue a Masters degree.

I started playing chess at 11 and still enjoy online blitz games. At 19 I became a chess arbiter, eventually reaching the status of International Arbiter.

I absolutely love to travel! I have already visited several countries and am always looking for any opportunity to add to my tally. In fact, travelling around the world is a major draw for me in photography work. My other passion, besides photography of course, is cooking.

I’m a great animal lover, which was the main reason I became vegan in 2012. My sister and me are founding members of the “Make It Pawsible” group that supports stray animals.

My involvement with photography was rather accidental. I always enjoyed taking photos since a very young age, but never thought about pursuing it further. In 2016, while working as an arbiter in a World Seniors championship, I snapped some photos of the event “just for fun” and immediately got excited about shooting portraits and editing the photos. That gave me the impulse to start reading and watching videos about photography, and also seeking advice from well-established chess photographers I got know – you can thus say I am self-taught. I bought my first professional camera in 2017 and haven’t looked back ever since.

Portrait photography is my favorite; I greatly enjoy looking out for that special look, that extraordinary moment, that fleeting feeling – this is why I love working at chess events.

I have worked as a freelancer or official photographer in several major chess events, including the 2018 World Championship match in London and the 2019 WorldChess Grand Prix series.

Recently I have expanded into other fields as well, most notably being appointed as official concert photographer of the famed Greek artist Yannis Charoulis; I have also dabbled in theater and social event photography, as well as marketing campaign work.

More detailed information is available here, while you can view samples of my work here. If you’re interested in my work, feel free to contact me!